Benjamin Britten St. Nicolas

2nd December 2018 Concert – Js and Bs Singers

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J’s &B’s Singers are on the road this week! We’re performing at @MusicAtStNicks on Friday night with @KrisThomsett
Benjamin Britten, St Nicolas at Newcastle Cathedral

Saint NicolasOp. 42, is a cantata with music by Benjamin Britten on a text by Eric Crozier, completed in 1948. It covers the legendary life of Saint Nicholas, Bishop of MyraLycia, in a dramatic sequence of events. The composer wrote the work for the centenary of Lancing College in Sussex, with the resources of the institution in mind. It is scored for mixed choir, tenor soloist, four boys singers, strings, piano duet, organ and percussion. The only professionals required are the tenor soloist, a string quintet to lead the other strings, and the percussionists. Saint Nicolas is Britten’s first work for amateur musicians – Wikipedia