Christmas concerts with Voices of Hope 19th Dec. 2020

We are excited to present a one hour festive programme on Saturday December 19th 2020 at St James’ and St Basil’s Church in Fenham. There are two opportunities to attend this live concert: at 5pm or alternatively at 7.30pm. Additionally, we will be live streaming our 7.30pm concert. ** Streamed Video Below **

Voices of Hope
Welcome to the Voices of Hope Christmas Concert 2020 : Veni Veni

This concert is livestreamed from the beautiful St. James' and St. Basil's Church in Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne. There is no charge to watch this concert, but if you wish to make a contribution to the ongoing work of the choir in response to this performance, please make a donation via the link below. Voices of Hope wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas.

Posted by Voices of Hope on Saturday, 19 December 2020