Zoom Streaming

Hello all.

The rules surrounding coronavirus prevent us from meeting in any significant numbers as a Church congregation. Simon and Gail are kindly going to help us get together at 10am on sunday 22nd March using our computers / laptops tablets and phones. The aim (I believe) is to be able to see and interact with each other, while enjoying music, hymns and possibly a few readings together.

We will be using online software that Simon and Gail have used very successfully to keep their Tyne Valley choirs going. A very simple guide to using this is being developed as we speak. I’m aware that this may not be for all, and in no way do we wish to cause offense. The hope is that, if successful, the format may be developed to include prerecorded elements (choral / organ) in future.

James will be in Church most of Sunday morning, and will hopefully be able to join us from there. As far as I am aware, there are no plans for a sermon or formal liturgy (See the Facebook link from James about the risks of getting this wrong!).


In the run up to 10am, follow the Zoom Church link below.

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