Church Hall Groups

A wide variety of groups use the spaces in the Church and the Church Hall. The following information provides an outline of regular church hall users and their contact information. If you would like more information or would like to check the availability of the church hall, please contact Margaret Johnson.

Regular Groups Using the Main Hall

Please follow the links for more information and contact details.

Monday09:30-14:00 Ravenside Playgroup (Term time)15:30-17:30 Kumon Maths and English18:00-19:00 Zumba with Aggie
Tuesday09:30-14:00 Ravenside Playgroup (Term time)17:00-20:00 Dance la Fabulous (Children aged 3-16yrs)
Wednesday09:30-14:00 Ravenside Playgroup (Term time)15:30-18.00 Kumon Maths and English18:00-19:00 Zumba Boys NE
Thursday09:30-12:00 Ravenside Playgroup (Term time)17.00-18:30 Woodies
19:00-20:00 History Society (2nd Thursday of each month)
Friday09:30-12:00 Ravenside Playgroup (Term time)17:30-18:45 Beavers
18:45-20:15 Cub Scouts
20:15-21:45 Scouts
Saturday10:00-11:00 Blakelaw Ward Surgery (4th Saturday of each month)
11:00-12:00 Zumba Boys NE
SundayChurch Group15.00 -17.00 (2nd sunday in month)