Gardens at St. James' and St. Basil's Church Fenham

Gardens at St. James’ and St. Basil’s Church

Welcome to the Memorial Gardens at J’s and B’s Church, Fenham, Newcastle.

The memorial gardens are a lovely place to spend time and reflect. During the summer months, tables and chairs are put out for you to enjoy our Cafe in the sun! Whether its the Church fayre, the Salvation Army Band or the childrens Easter egg hunt, there is something for everybody to enjoy.

Enjoy Cafe in the Garden!

The memorial gardens at St. James’ and St. Basil’s Church are maintained by a team of volunteers supported by our professional gardeners, Lindsay Wilson and Penny Hunter. Gardners gather together on the first Sunday of the month to identify and plan work that needs to be done. Once specific tasks have been decided upon, people are free to come and go to work on the tasks as and when their time allows them.

We will post the monthly jobs list, so keep an eye on the website to find out what’s happening. Visitor, volunteer, young or old, we would love you to join us in the gardens!

Yours – the J’s and B’s gardening team